About Extreme Wellness

Inspiring Worldwide Wellness

Extreme Wellness is a state of mind. It’s the pursuit of extreme comfort in any situation.

Simple physical practices that we do every day such as moving, breathing, bathing, taking shelter and eating can be tweaked to help us explore the extremes of our physiology.

Extreme Wellness is accessible to everyone and does not require fancy clothes or expensive memberships.

The decision to explore the edge of your comfort zone simply requires a mindset and the mental discipline to ‘hack’ into your physiological operating system and expand your range of experience and performance.

Extreme Wellness uses a range of technologies and techniques to create ‘controlled stress’ that allows users to practice remaining calm and relaxed during extremes of temperature, activity, hydration, breathing, physical posture, exertion, human connection and performance. Simply holding your breath or taking a cold shower can help you explore your comfort zone while remaining comfortable and in full control.