Is the virus good, bad or neutral
Responding to COVID-19 Wellness

Is the virus good, bad or neutral? Or is it the best thing possible?

Is the current pandemic good, bad, neutral, or is it the best thing possible?

What is the best way to talk about the pandemic with children?

The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks contains a poignant message for our times and gives a way to discuss difficult times with children and see the different perspectives in any situation.

This retelling of an ancient story shows how our perceptions create our reality and how an attitude of discovery and gratitude, along with positive action, can reveal the blessing within any circumstance.

The book is beautifully illustrated and hidden within Kia Maddock’s exquisite illustrations are a red ladybug, a pink dragonfly and a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. You’ll have to look carefully to find them, just like you must look carefully for blessings.

A preview of the book can be seen here and the special hardcover edition is available at

As the global ’emergency’ forces humanity to go within, your attitude will determine what you will ‘emerge ‘n’ see’.

I trust you can follow the lead from the ‘Boy Who Gave Thanks’ and find the blessing in your current circumstance.

A blessing is certain to be there, if you look at things from the right perspective.

Let’s all find a reason to give thanks.


Dr Marc is a medical doctor, university professor and wellness trailblazer who has spent more than 30 years practicing and researching holistic health. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many books and technical texts on wellness and natural medicine and is author of the illustrated children’s book “The Beautiful Mare and the Boy Who Gave Thanks“. He is the Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation. You can find him at ,  and at

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