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Five Killer Industries, 20 Toxic Products and 10 Key Questions

The Ten Toxic Truths are compounded by Twenty Toxic Products that poison our water, food, air, minds and our buildings and contribute to the vast majority of human misery, morbidity and mortality.

The Twenty Toxic Products


  1. Petrochemicals $5T (heavy metals, solvents, waste effluent, radioisotopes, triclosan)
  2. Plastic bottles $200B
  3. Chlorine $140B $35B + $105B PVC
  4. Fluoride $30B $20B $10B dental



  1. Fertiliser $245B
  2. Pesticides $250B (organochlorines, carbamates, organophosphates, neonicotinoids, glyphosate)
  3. GMOs $20B (terminator genes)
  4. Processed food $1.5T , (sugar, trans-fats, additives, preservatives, food packaging)


  1. Tobacco $700B
  2. Motor Vehicles $75T Transport (TRAPS, accidents and industry)
  3. Nuclear $300B Radioactivity (bombs, power generation, accidents, waste)
  4. Electromagnetic Radiation MR $1.5T (radio, powerlines, television, microwaves, 2G – 5G)


  1. Media $900B (news, entertainment, social media)
  2. Education $6.5T (institutionalised education teaching authority, conformity, remembering and repeating, non-compliance is punished intellectually and socially)
  3. Medicines $1.2T (Vaccines, antibiotics, drugs)
  4. Consumer goods $11T (plastics, microplastics, nanoparticles)


  1. Debt $22T
  2. Sub-par housing $5T (Lead paint, asbestos, particle board, water issues, poor ventilation)
  3. Fire retardants $8B
  4. Weapons $2T (Conventional, nuclear, biological, psychological)

These Twenty Toxic Products are produced by the Five Killer Industries (Big Banks, Agribusiness, Media, Oil and Pharmaceutical) that control virtually all the world’s money, food, information, energy and medicine. These industries produce Twenty Toxic Products that generate around $61 Trillion a year, which is around 2/3rd of the global GDP that is controlled by a very small group of ultra-elite individuals. As of January 2019, the 26 richest billionaires owned the same as half the world’s population and since the lockdown these people have become much richer. In the first 3 weeks of the lockdown billionaires in the US added nearly $300 billion to their wealth and now Buffet, Gates and Bezos own the same as the bottom 50% of the US population. A very small group of people now own the world and and their control is expanding rapidly and dramatically, with infrastructure currently being put in place that will be able to track, trace, control and replace every living thing on earth.

This raises 10 key questions

How much power should we let others have over us?

Would we know if their power was usurped by a sinister AI?

How can we stand up for own humanity and reclaim the world’s wealth?

How can we transform the world’s banking system from a fiat currency based on debt, to an open-source collaborative economy, based on currencies with real-world human value?

How can we transform agribusiness to regenerative agriculture that provides seasonal, local organic whole foods?

How can we transform our use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy to renewables?

How can we transform the media from censorship, propaganda and surveillance capitalism, to a system respecting privacy and net neutrality?

How can we transform the medical industry with its focus on illness, to a wellness industry focused on human flourishing?

What is the best way to show people what’s possible?

How will you help shape the future of humanity?


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Dr Marc is a medical doctor, university professor and wellness trailblazer with 2 PhDs who has spent more than 30 years practicing and researching holistic health. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many books and technical texts on wellness and natural medicine and is author of the illustrated children’s book “The Beautiful Mare and the Boy Who Gave Thanks“. He is the Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation. You can find him at ,  and at


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