The 10 Hacks to Relax
Poetry Relaxation

The 10 Hacks to Relax

The best way to overcome viral infection is to be ‘positively well’, which means adopting the Wellness Manifesto, following the ‘Recipe For Wellness‘, staying ‘Chilled And Fulfilled‘ a...

Ten Toxic Truths

Ten Toxic Truths

Everyone is affected. Toxicity is everywhere. Toxic chemicals travel the globe and have entered every habitat on earth. Toxic exposures affect all living things and can be found in our water, food, air, buildings and soi...

Ten Toxic Truths
Water Filters

Why it’s important to filter your bathing water

Many people use a filter for their drinking water, yet do not realise it is probably more important to filter their bathing water. Here are ten reasons why it is more important to filter your shower and bath water than y...


Musty Muddle of Moisture and Mould

Water does not want to be sterile; when liquid water remains standing for more than 48 hours, mould spores will begin to germinate and grow. There is no point trying to kill visible mould with bleach or fungicides; to ge...


Marvels of microbes

Last week I attended a CSIRO Conference on The Role of the Gut in Health and Wellness and learned about the ‘galaxy in our guts’. This got me wondering about microbes and how they can be harmed by chlorinated...