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Five Killer Industries, 20 Toxic Threats and 10 Key Questions

The Ten Toxic Truths are well established and I’ve now identified 20 toxic products that directly cause human misery, morbidity and mortality by poisoning our water, food, air, minds and our buildings. These 20 pro...

Ten Toxic Truths

Ten Toxic Truths

Everyone is affected. Toxicity is everywhere. Toxic chemicals travel the globe and have entered every habitat on earth. Toxic exposures affect all living things and can be found in our water, food, air, buildings and soi...

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Chemicals Microbes Water Water Filters

The Calamity of Chlorine

Why do we poison ourselves, then wonder why we are sick? Many people who suffer with skin or gut conditions don’t realise they poison themselves every time they drink or bathe in chlorinated water. Chlorine is high...