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Here’s Proof the WHO and Fact-Checkers are Lying About COVID Treatments

Since the very start of the pandemic I have been recommending hydrothermal therapies such as hot baths, saunas, hot springs etc as simple, cheap, widely available and effective ways to prevent and treat respiratory viral...

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Responding to COVID-19 Water Wellness wellness

Health Authorities and Fact Checkers are Lying About Bathing

Bathing is the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to treat and prevent viral infections, yet use of hydrothermal therapies such as baths, saunas and steam baths are being actively suppressed by health authorities ...

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The Calamity of Chlorine

Why do we poison ourselves, then wonder why we are sick? Many people who suffer with skin or gut conditions don’t realise they poison themselves every time they drink or bathe in chlorinated water. Chlorine is high...