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Taming Our Toxic Load: Organic is Not Enough

Taming Our Toxic Load: Organic is Not Enough More than a decade ago Liza Oates and I published the results of our research that showed eating a 80% organic diet for one week led to a 90% reduction in organophosphate pest...

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The Whirl of Wellness

Hold someone’s hand, gaze into their eyes Go barefoot in nature, bask in sunrise   Choose a dance partner, go find your groove Do tai chi or yoga, mindfully move   Share a massage, enjoy healing touch
 Focus on...

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Here’s Proof the WHO and Fact-Checkers are Lying About COVID Treatments

Since the very start of the pandemic I have been recommending hydrothermal therapies such as hot baths, saunas, hot springs etc as simple, cheap, widely available and effective ways to prevent and treat respiratory viral...

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A State of Disaster: Report from Melbourne

There is Madness in Melbourne. The State of Victoria has officially been declared to be in a ‘state of disaster’ and they are waging war on fun, freedom and everything that makes life worthwhile. Despite COVID-19 causing...

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Health Authorities and Fact Checkers are Lying About Bathing

Bathing is the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to treat and prevent viral infections, yet use of hydrothermal therapies such as baths, saunas and steam baths are being actively suppressed by health authorities ...

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Front-line doctors report HCQ and zinc are effective in prevention and early treatment of COVID-19 because hydroxychloroquine helps zinc get into cells where it blocks viral replication. Yet, HCQ has been banned in many ...

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Five Killer Industries, 20 Toxic Products and 10 Key Questions

The Ten Toxic Truths are compounded by Twenty Toxic Products that poison our water, food, air, minds and our buildings and contribute to the vast majority of human misery, morbidity and mortality. The Twenty Toxic Produc...

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It’s Time to Disengage From the Big Five Merchants of Death

Five ‘Killer Industries’ have taken control of the world and are now much more powerful than any government.   The Big Five are the Banking, Oil, Agribusiness, Media and Pharmaceutical industries that pro...

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The Sauna Solution

The Sauna Solution There is a long trail of evidence to suggest heat can both prevent and treat viral respiratory infections. This includes evolutionary evidence from mammals which use fever as an important immune defen...

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A Manifesto for a New and Better World

We have reached a turning point in evolution. Humanity has reached the constraints of a limited planet and rampant consumerism is fueling a global crisis that will force our society to collapse, or break through to a n...

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Is the virus good, bad or neutral? Or is it the best thing possible?

Is the current pandemic good, bad, neutral, or is it the best thing possible? What is the best way to talk about the pandemic with children? The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks contains a poignant message for ...

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Extreme Times Requires ‘Extreme Being’

These are extreme times and we are witnessing events of biblical proportions. In the past few months in Australia we’ve seen the devastating effects of drought, fires, floods, hail and dust storms. In Melbourne the Yarra...