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Extreme Wellness Filter Technology

Extreme Wellness Water Filters combine the highest quality stainless steel cannisters with patented Russian ecopolymer technology to provide the best filters for reducing the toxicity of bathing and drinking water. The technology behind the Extreme Wellness Filter Cartridges is protected and verified by over 20 patents, including:

  • Patent 2286354: Method for preparing filtering material.
  • Patent 2287356: Method of production of filter material – production of filter materials on base of three-dimensional globular polymers; water filtration systems.
  • Patent 2297270: Method of manufacture of filtering material and filtering material manufactured by this method.
  • Patent 2299087: Method of manufacture of the filtering material and the filtering material.
  • Patent 57142: Water filter – Relates to water treatment and can be used for water treatment, including to obtain large amounts of purified water for drinking, cooking, and for medicinal purposes.
  • Patent 2261843: Device for reduction of a crust formation (quasi softening).
  • Patent 2286953: Drinking water – Relates to production of drinking water that can be used to prevent urolithiasis.
Extreme Wellness Filters can effectively remove these compounds and simplify water filtration by remove toxicity from both bathing and drinking water and provide clean flowing water to every tap in your home so you can experience the comfort of knowing you are drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, grooming your pets and irrigating your plants using water free from toxic contaminants.