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Wonders of Water

Water is a complex and mysterious substance that holds memory, breeds life and has at least four phases. Yet, water has many anomalies and there are many things about the physics, chemistry and biology of water that are not fully understood. What we do know is that water is necessary for life and links all life on earth and forms the basic infrastructure of our bodies. While we are 2/3rd water by mass or volume, if we count our molecules we are 99% water. We also know that water can quickly spread pathogens throughout populations and that stagnant water leads to the musty muddle of moisture and mould. We are also only just beginning to appreciate the marvels of microbes and realise that bacteria on our skin and in our gut are vitally important for our mental and physical health and there may be better strategies than waging war on microbes with antibiotics, disinfectants, antiseptics and pesticides.

Extreme Wellness Filters can effectively remove these compounds and simplify water filtration by remove toxicity from both bathing and drinking water and provide clean flowing water to every tap in your home so you can experience the comfort of knowing you are drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, grooming your pets and irrigating your plants using water free from toxic contaminants.