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Bali Retreat Information

This Extreme Wellness Retreat will be led by Professor Marc Cohen along with a select group of expert presenters and special guests. The focus will be on finding the fun while exploring extremes of physiology through guided breathing, bathing, eating and moving practices. AWe will practice ‘Extreme Wellness Activities’ such as ice bathing, 5-phase breathing, water shiatsu (watsu), fire-twirling, laughter yoga, slack-lining, mandala yoga and be informed and inspired by lectures on lifestyle, detoxification, decluttering, kombucha and much more.

Participants will spend 5 days being surprised and delighted. The program combines reflection, blissing out and active workshops on unexpected, yet embarrassingly simple ways to get our minds, bodies and homes in tip-top condition so we are free to live our dreams.

There will be inspiring sessions on detoxification strategies and ways to turn your home into a health retreat. There will be practical sessions on breathing, ice bathing, fire-twirling, fermented foods, yoga and creativity. You will also be indulged with organic food, healthy beverages, massage and deep relaxation in the beautiful setting of this glorious tropical paradise.

This retreat will leave you with irresistible strategies for decluttering your cells, your communication and your home, so that you can reset the stage of your life so it becomes a place of beauty, truth and love. This is a chance to dive deep into how to stay cool and calm in difficult situations, experience profound joy and exhilaration and do things you never thought possible.

Booking Information

Places will be limited places available so register your interest early to avoid disappointment.”

Retreats have been part of most cultural and spiritual traditions throughout the ages and till recent times many governments afforded retreats for their citizens to stay well. Modern retreats now blend ideas and practices from both ancient traditions and modern science and offer positive lifestyle changes that lead to people feeling happier, lighter, slimmer and more relaxed.