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Maruia Extreme Wellness Retreats

Featuring Extreme Bathing® and Adventure bathing®


Master stress in barefoot luxury, unleash your evolutionary potential, expand your limits of comfort and pick up techniques to tame your toxic load and live happy, healthy and long.

If you could only ever attend one wellness retreat, you want it to be this one!

Maruia Hot Springs is hosting the world’s first Extreme Wellness Retreat featuring Extreme Bathing® and Adventure Bathing® led by co-owner and wellness expert Professor Marc Cohen (aka Dr Marc). The six-day, five-night experience will include a selection of daily activities; including, sessions of forest bathing, sauna bathing, adventure bathing and bathing in Maruia’s natural geothermal pools whilst enjoying their iconic river valley views.

In this retreat you will:

• Expand your experience of comfort, relaxation and joy and explore the edge of your comfort zone.
• Access the deep inner-well of your being and hack into your biological operating system though focused breathing, activity and relaxation sessions.
• Discover lifestyle tweaks to overcome pain, inflammation and procrastination.
• Practice mastery over your mind and body, and gain confidence you can perform feats you thought impossible.
• Transform your world through bathing and simple lifestyle practices that build resilience, self-confidence and foster extreme wellness.

Dr Marc Cohen has lived the journey from injury and illness to healing and extreme wellness—through experience and science.

Discover how extreme wellness can help you.

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Retreats have been part of most cultural and spiritual traditions throughout the ages and till recent times many governments afforded retreats for their citizens to stay well. Modern retreats now blend ideas and practices from both ancient traditions and modern science and offer positive lifestyle changes that lead to people feeling happier, lighter, slimmer and more relaxed.