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The Whirl of Wellness

Hold someone’s hand, gaze into their eyes Go barefoot in nature, bask in sunrise   Choose a dance partner, go find your groove Do tai chi or yoga, mindfully move   Share a massage, enjoy healing touch
 Focus on...

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The Antidote to Fear

Ever since I was in primary school in the early 1970s and read “The Limits to Growth” I’ve been anticipating a global collapse and believed that in my lifetime humanity would either destroy itself or break through to a n...

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Responding to COVID-19 Wellness

The Sauna Solution

The Sauna Solution There is a long trail of evidence to suggest heat can both prevent and treat viral respiratory infections. This includes evolutionary evidence from mammals which use fever as an important immune defen...

Is the virus good, bad or neutral
Responding to COVID-19 Wellness

Is the virus good, bad or neutral? Or is it the best thing possible?

Is the current pandemic good, bad, neutral, or is it the best thing possible? What is the best way to talk about the pandemic with children? The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks contains a poignant message for ...

Extreme Times Requires
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Extreme Times Requires ‘Extreme Being’

These are extreme times and we are witnessing events of biblical proportions. In the past few months in Australia we’ve seen the devastating effects of drought, fires, floods, hail and dust storms. In Melbourne the Yarra...

Emergency or “Emerge ‘n’ See”
Responding to COVID-19 Wellness

Emergency or “Emerge ‘n’ See”

The world is turning to mush. We are all being forced to slow down, go within and enter a liminal state filled with possibility. I remember reading “Limits to Growth” in the early 1970s, in which the ‘Club of...

50 Immune-Boosting Activities to do in Lockdown
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Slowdown Shuffle: 50 Evidence-based, Immune-Boosting Activities to do During the Global Slowdown to Go From Wired and Tired to Chilled and Fulfilled:

As the pandemic forces the world to go into ‘lock down’, many people are wondering what they’ll do, how they’ll survive,  and how they’ll avoid going stir crazy. Whether or not you are in lock down, the best ...

Is this the pandemic we needed to have
Responding to COVID-19 Wellness

Is this the pandemic we needed to have?

Eventually everyone will be exposed. The weak, the sick and the most vulnerable will succumb. The current ‘lock down’ may delay the collapse of modern healthcare systems yet modern health systems are already ...

Recipe for Wellness
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Recipe for Wellness

Health authorities around the world all agree on one thing. The best way to avoid or treat a viral infection is to be well. After more than 40 years studying medicine and research wellness, I have come to the conclusion ...